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Elmo Karjalainen from Finland Gittin' Jimi Widdit!

Elmo Karkalainen is one of our original Strat-o-Brothers, we met waay back in '06. Finland is the guitar crazy country of earth, home to some of the best builders too, i.e. Ruokangas, Amfisound, Flaxwood and others. Finnish people who do not play guitar, play air guitar which could be their national sport. Sure beats the hell out of ice curling.

Elmo's Strat here is a custom build mahogany body with scalloped fretboard, Wilkinson bridge and YMJ pickups, made by Sasa Opacic of Sale Custom Guitars in Turku. Elmo also recently uploaded a Steve Vai style jam. His YouTube channel is MrPolevaulter (Oops! Maybe that's Finland's national sport!)

Years ago, I told Elmo to always update us on what he's up to. And he always does this in a very professional manner-- because he knows I run a highly professional, no monkey grip biz blog here:

"Press Release:

Headline: Guitarist Elmo Karjalainen Releases Guitar Backing Tracks.

The Summary: Critically acclaimed Finnish guitarist Elmo Karjalainen has released two guitar backing tracks. The backing tracks can be found on and as videos on YouTube, featuring Elmo playing to Steve Vai and Jimi Hendrix style backing tracks.

Dateline and Lead Paragraph: Turku, Finland. June 28, 2013 – Guitarist Elmo Karjalainen, whose debut solo album “Unintelligent Designs” received much praise from reviewers, has just
taken the step into the world of backing tracks, by releasing two videos on YouTube. These videos are titled “Elmo Karjalainen playing to Steve Vai style Backing Track” and “Elmo Karjalainen
playing to Jimi Hendrix style Backing Track” respectively.

The Body: The videos are on YouTube, and the URLs are and Elmo’s backing tracks have also been made available for download at for anyone interested in
playing over them. The download includes the backing tracks with and without lead guitar and also short instructions with, among other things, the key the tracks are in. The download also includes
one song from Elmo’s critically acclaimed album “Unintelligent Designs” as a bonus, and also the backing track to the song.

More backing tracks will be made available at a later date. Again, the backing tracks are available at

Boilerplate statement: Elmo Karjalainen is a Finnish guitar player who plays in such bands as Deathlike Silence, Conquest, Seagrave and Helena & Kalevi. He has also released one critically
acclaimed instrumental album under his own name, called “Unintelligent Designs”, and an instrumental digital EP, called “Unintelligent Leftovers”.

Contact Information:

Elmo Karjalainen"

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