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Dave Murray Stratocaster, Fender Artist Model - A Super Strat that Kept Its Strat Bones

 Dave Murray Stratocaster

July 18, 2013
Though traditional Strat/Tone fans don't go for the HSH thing, we gotta give Iron Maiden's Dave Murray kudos for stickin' with the genuine Fender Strat platform.

The advent of the Super Strat in late 70's, early 80's witnessed radical evolution from the Strat largely by EVH and Steve Vai, as well as Alan Holdsworth, in an extra terrestrial sense. But each departed traditional Fender boundaries to a much larger extent than Dave Murray who joined Maiden in '76, acquiring his trademark black Strat, formerly owned by the late Paul Kossoff; Murray's main axe from '78 to '90-- huge years for Iron Maiden.

Fender's Dave Murray Artist Strat is based on that legendary "57/63" config, sporting a '63 contour body, '57 soft "V" neck and DiMarzio Super D Humbuckers sandwiching a vintage style Fender single coil. BTW, Murray originally did the pickup mod, installing two DiMarzio SDHB's (not a Kossoff mod) and eventually a Floyd. Although current USA versions feature a standard Fender trem, a Fender Japan series came with a Floyd. We're not seeing many of those currently. So the current Fender USA model is simply a pre-Floyd config. Neck is 9.5" radius with medium jumbo frets. Pickup switching is a no-frills 3 position, in spite of all those coils. Dave just plugged in all fat, and rocked it!

What you see is what you get!

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