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Coen Wolters - Acid Blues Rock Strat-O-Brother

Acid Blues Rock Strat-O-Brother
July 11, 2013
Netherlands guitarist Coen Wolters joins our Strat-o-Brothers list.

A Strat player all the the way, Wolters is a big deal in Europe with the Coen Wolters Band. His influences include: Hendrix, The Meters, Motown, Stax, Doyle Bramhall I & II, Chris Duarte & Richie Kotzen. The latest album release, "Illumination" includes a couple video singles-- and these are some trippy friggin' videos too!

"Time of Day"


The top vid is an all around groovy gittin' Jimi widdit Strat kinda vibe.

Then things get complicated, just like the 2nd tune's name. But stop reading this until you've watched the video, ok.

All done? So here's my take... and please forgive me in advance for sounding too much like Roger Ebert.

"Bitch! Doncha smoke yo crappy ass weed in the man's Mustang! I mean, it must be crappy since she never smiles. These people are SO SERIOUS up in here! Of course, you can see where he's coming from, cause, 1) it's in the man's car, 2) she never offers-- and 3) she ain't gettin' high anyhow. So basically, this impacts both the mood and the upholstery, which is no way for a man to spend his only day off in two weeks or something (ya get the idea he puts in lotsa overtime; grinding & welding bulldozer blades or whatever). Finally, a chance for a pleasant drive in the county... maybe some cold fried chicken like Andy & Thelma Lou (while Barney's in Mt. Pilot). Now what's a brutha to do!"

I know, Roger Ebert, right...


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