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Satch's Unstoppable Momentum is Vinnie Colaiuta

Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum
I'm really late mentioning Satch's 5/7/13 release: Unstoppable Momentum, due to a hot/cold sequence of events. First, hearing that drum god Vinnie Colaiuta was on board got me very interested, because if the Satch formula needs anything it's rhythmic excitement. However, the pre-release teaser cut "A Door into Summer" was pretty same old/same old. So I forgot about the album until my own kid (a Coldplay hater), let me know how much he likes it.

I finally listened to it while mowing the lawn, and really mowed the shit out of it too! Unstoppable Momentum is now in my official Summer 2013 mowing tunes (along with Neal Shon's "The Calling")-- get 'er done music.

Vinnie shows up in a big way in the opening title cut, and others as well, so I'm still puzzled about the teaser track. Overall, Colaiuta gives Joe plenty of space, but only creative space, so Satch doesn't have time to hobby horse around. He also doesn't over-solo all over the place like my dog trying to mark every tree and post when I take him for a walk. So I can't add this to my dog walking tunes.

Hard to believe this is Satriani's 14th studio album! I actually had my fill at The Extremist (#4?). But I'm on board with Unstoppable Momentum-- and we owe it all to Vinnie C.!

And my lawn's gonna look great this summer!

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