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Moto Blue Esparza Strat and Tele Too!

Fender CS Art Esparza blue moto Stratocaster

Seller link: keeleyelectronics

Finds like this make it easy to justify what an eBay hound I am!

Listed by non other than pedal guru Robert Keeley, you're lookin' at two 1996 Fender Custom Shop builds by moto king Art Esparza. These are for real with all certs, candy, cases and Art's signature in the FCS headstock logos. Real deal! The COA's are signed by John Page.

Both guitars are blue moto clad from head to butt, and all points in between-- including trans-moto fretboards (how'd he do that anyway??). The Strat has lipstick pickups, and the Tele has gold hdwr. Both have trippy flying saucer knobs. And they are listed separately, so you don't have to buy 'em as a set. Though how can one be so thoughtless to try and handle less than two?

Collectors with pockets should be all over this! Listing pages have tons of pics for ya. Keeley's even tossin' in some pedal swag.

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