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Hendrix Rainbow Bridge Full Movie on YouTube

 I'm watchin' this trippy movie today... The movie was released in '72. The actual Maui concert occurred July 30, 1970. Most of the Hendrix performance footage is very cool. I dig Jimi's shirt! I read somewhere that it's an authentic Hopi Indian garment. The comment below is pretty wild too.

Random YouTube comment:

"I live in Hawaii and I know people who were there. They said it was magical and the energy was insane. Jimi had everyone sat according to sun sign and composed a piece of music for each section of the audience. It was a sort of sonic meditation meant to unlock some sort of energy. Lahaina, Maui lost power and UFOs appeared. ..sounds crazy but A LOT of people saw it. Jimi was truly out of this world ..a gift to our planet. Rest in peace, brother. :)"

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