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Fender Satin Series Strats & Teles


Fender Standard Satin Series
Details at: www.fender.com/series/standard/

Just got the Summer 2013 release on Fender's new Satin Series. This new budget priced lineup ($699 list-- MIM Standard platforms), consists of Strats & Teles in 4 new colors:

Flame Orange, Ocean Blue Candy, Arizona Sun and Blaze Gold

Features include alder bodies, 9.5" radius 21 fret, slim "C" necks and black/white/black 3 ply pickguards. The Strats are available with either maple or rosewood fretboard, (Tele's rosewood only).
Strats have a vintage 6 screw bridge, though Tele's come with 6 saddle as opposed to traditional 3 saddle. Overall, pretty traditional configs though. So watch for the "SATIN SERIES".

Maybe Custom Shop should introduce these colors as the "STATIN SERIES".

Current Availablity:

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