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Michael Landau Artist Stratocasters! 2 Models - 3 Finishes!

Fender Custom Shop 

 Photo credit: Mark Keraly - www.fender.com/custom-shop
Michael Landau Artist Relic Stratocaster
Pictured (l-r): Mike Eldred, Michael Landau & Jason Smith

June 28, 2013 - Fender  just posted this pic on Facebook announcing the Michael Landau Artist Stratocasters. Not just different finish options, there's a Landau '63 Relic and a Landau '68 Relic Strat. Actual differences are minimal. The '63 is Fiesta Red over 3 tone Burst only. The '68 comes in Burst or Black.

Both models have CS Fat 50's pickups, alder bodies, rosewood fretboards, 7.25" radius oval "C" profile with 6105 frets.

So other than finish options and choosing between FAT or regular headstock, I didn't spot differences in the specs (coulda missed something...). So, basically we're talkin' one of those eenie meenie miney mo situations. The only reason I can attribute to the higher priced '63 is the Jason Smith double finish, which does add time.

Check the above links for each model's full product pages.

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Oh BTW, Fender's Landau Strats come with Fender CS Fat 50's pickups instead of Suhr ML Michael Landau Strat Coils. I guess Suhr doesn't have a "Duncan deal" with Fender. Scott Henderson uses Suhr ML's in his Suhr Signature S-type, so we know they're good. Hmm...

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