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Custom Strat Build Video Documentary

DIY Strat-type Guitar from SCRATCH!

This is a current project I just discovered. The above is Part 1. The rest are posted at YouTube user channel: elams1894

June 28, 2013 Note: As of right now, the build is still in progress with 3 parts posted, and a forth video on the way; which should be the wrap-up. Plus, he let me know he's even winding his own pickups-- and will video doc that as well!

Although there is little to no narration or captioning, thus NOT a tutorial per se, these videos are nonetheless VERY WELL shot, edited, paced and scored (depending on your music tastes).

This guy is building from scratch with skills & excellent materials. The body is a one piece Ancient Swamp Kauri. The neck wood is Rewarewa, a very stiff hardwood (honeysuckle) native to New Zealand; where they are located. Routers, jigs, files and lots of elbow grease add up to a very entertaining video series that cannot help but be educational despite the lack of some droning shop teacher's voice ruminating over each excruciating step... So, it won't put you to sleep!

Just rockin' out a very savvy Strat build!

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