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Benedict Groovemaster Guitar

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Very surprised to discover this Benedict Groovemaster listing today! Benedict Guitar Co. of Minneapolis, MN was founded in the late 80's by luthier, Roger Benedict who built his first thinline Strat-type for Jackson Browne, who named it Groovemaster, which stuck. I actually spoke with Roger in 1990 when requesting an info. package on this crazy semi-hollow Strat I'd heard about (the first I'd ever seen!). Sadly, in 1994, Roger passed away unexpectedly. Today, Benedict guitars lives on with Bill Hager at the helm. Bill joined Roger in late '90 as an apprentice.

Our featured Groovemaster was built by Hager in 2000, and is currently listed at eBay by a private seller. It features a black nitro finished alder body with flame maple neck and 12" radius Brazilian rosewood fretboard. The rear pickup and headstock are reverse Hendrix-style, pickups by Lace and bridge by Gotoh. Except for fine surface scratches (black nitro, right.), the guitar is in excellent condition according to the seller. It comes with tweed case.

ALSO, the back of the headstock is autographed by Mato Nanji of Indigenous.

Benedict guitars are small production & a rare find indeed! I've never run into one on eBay until today.

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