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4.3 lb. Yuiy Shishkov Strat - Friday Strat #301

Currently listed by Wild West Guitars this Fender Custom Shop, Yuriy Shishkov Masterbuilt weighs in at 4.3 lbs!

Photos don't really reveal what's goin' on here, unless you can actually see that the headstock/neck aircraft grade spruce instead of maple. And the body is "paulownia", an extremely light wood grown in Asia, with nearly double the strength to weight ratio of balsa. Last week's Ron Kirn Strat post was the first time I've seen this paulownia wood. Google it!

Bear in mind this Strat is also a hardtail-- however, it would still be under 6# with a trem, so dig.

The Closet Classic aged model features a heavily checked trans-blonde finish and gold hdwr like a Mary Kaye. A 60's "C" profile neck is 7.25" radius with AAA rosewood and "vintage wire" frets. Pickups are Master Design, hand wired Fat 60's. Brown tolex case, COA and candy are included-- this is a NEW listing.

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