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YJM Strat DIY Ideas

Yngwie scalloped Strat Neck

Blues cats, don't turn your noses up on this one... Remember that your SRV/KWS jumbo frets fetish isn't at all unrelated to the scalloped approach. And for every metal head actually playing a scalloped fretboard, there are likely dozens if not hundreds more Blues players running 6105-6100 frets. In other words, the concept of tall frets-- one way or another, is more about expressive bends and fluid vibrato than 64th note sweep arpeggios ANYWAY.

So with that fresh perspective, Matthias and Jeremy from freeguitarvideos.com blog have compiled a nifty recipe for modding your Strat to Yngwie proportions that may very well add heavier weather to your own Texas Flood. Check their link!

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Strat Wiring Diagram Schematics

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