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Gperc Guitar Percussion Plate

Gperc Guitar percussion plate

Kinda fashioned to look like an auxiliary pickguard/armrest combo, the Gperc utilizes a piezo to make your Strat or Tele-type guitar percussion-capable like an acoustic. So now it's easier to merge the vibes of Michael Hedges & Preston Reed with SRV-- or any of your favorite groovin' solid body electric players. And to hell with relying on some stoner with a cajón, anyway...

Our old friends at Muzicosphere blog let us know about this one which is also currently featured at Ulule, a French based funding site like Kickstarter. As they try to raise capitol to put the Gperc into full production, some very cool packages are available for investors at various levels.

Details, specs, features and cool demo vids are available at the above links. Check 'em out!


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