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Fender's Abigail Ybarra Retires - "Abby Wound" Pickups

photo: www.fender-cs.jp

Fender announced this week the retirement of Abigail "Abby" Ybarra after nearly 60 years with the company! According to Fender's May 1, 2013 press release, Abby started at Fender in 1956, and began winding pickups in '58. The term "Abby Wound" has always been associated with Fender's finest pickup offerings, and only available in later years with hi-end Custom Shop models.

Check the above press release link for more about Abby.

On behalf of Stratoblogster and Fender players everywhere, I'd like to thank Abby for her service to guitar tone, and wish her "Happy Trails!"

While they last, and before the mark ups!

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