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Fender 40th Anniversary Purple Tie Dye Aluminum Body Strat

Fender 40th Anniversary (1994) Strat, Purple Tie Dye Aluminum body

In 1994, Fender was going crazy with the various 40th Anniversary Strat runs. Included were some aluminum body Strat Plus models, utilizing extra bodies left over from Custom Shop's Harley Davidson 90th Anniversary tribute run in '93, as well as the Ford Mustang Tribute series.

From what I've been able to determine so far, these aluminum Strat Plus runs consisted of Purple Tie Dye, Blue Tie Dye and American Flag graphics.

The above Purple Tie Dye is currently listed by TrueTone Music in Santa Monica, CA. They indicate used, but it could almost be NOS based on its unplayed condition and unopened candy and accessory packs.

Besides the hollow aluminum body, features include LSR nut, 2 point trem and Lace Sensor Gold pickups. No other specs given. My own 40th Strat has a "C" neck, medium frets and 9.5" radius. Original tweed case and candy are included. Not many of these were produced.

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