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Eric Johnson Tests Fender American Vintage '59 RI Against His Vintage '59???


Note: Fender removed the American Vintage '59 EJ demo vid, and replaced with this AV '56 demo with Eric...

Why not? Well, to some idealists out here, it probably seems odd for Eric Johnson to represent a different new Strat model than his own signature Strat. And since EJ isn't exactly known as the Billy Mays or Shamwow Vince of guitar gear pimpdom...

What if you had your own signature model?

So check it out... Used to be EJ Signature Strats were Fender's highest price point production Strats (right?). Then they went thru some gyrations when the rosewoods were introduced. Right now (May 2013), the going street max on all new EJ's, both maple & RW is $1899.99.

Whereas, the new American Vintage '59 RI is selling at $2299.00.

Is Fender using EJ to tell us that it's worth spending an additional $400 for another production model that's better than his? How does that work? Remember reading about the long, painstakingly tedious process involved with creating the Fender Artist Series Eric Johnson Strats? Then we change the channel, and here he is selling non-stick cookware.

Gee, I haven't ranted in awhile... have I???

Anyhow, as a public service to supplement the video, here's the test breakdown times for you to scrutinize with greater focus. Just open 2 or more browser tabs and get all geeky with it:

01:32 - Clean
01:53 - Dirty Rhythm to Fuzz
02:10 - Full Solo O/D 

Actual Vintage '59- EJ's personal collection

00:35 - Clean
00:49 - Dirty Rhythm to Fuzz
01:00 - Full Solo O/D

Fender Eric Johnson Artist Series - Not tested or mentioned, because we must pretend that it doesn't exist for the purposes of marketing the AV '59 RI. So close your eyes now, and everybody play nice! And remember the white zone is for loading and unloading only.

Ref. post May 9, 2013

And just know, I'm pimpin' it all... that is, until I get my own signature model. Why not!

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