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Little Wing Throw Down

Kellindo Parker or Eric Gales?

Singer Janelle Monae w/guitarist Kellindo Parker
(April 1, 2013 - Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

Eric Gales, Oct. 19, 2012 - Seminar at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Center for Creative Writing in the Arts

Monte Montgomery, 2006 (approx) - Austin, TX
(Might wanna grab a beer for this one...)

Hell hath no fury like current comments at The Jimi Hendrix Experience Official Facebook page, in regards to the Fallon Show clip they posted (top). Seems like legit Hendrix (and SRV) fans don't put up Happy Meal/juice box/Easy Mac 'n Cheeze renditions of music with real depth and meaning for real people. Can I hear an "Amen!"

Besides Jimi's original and Stevie Ray doin' it from the heart, my favorite Little Wing covers by those still walking the earth, come from Eric Gales, Monte Montgomery and Tuck Andress. Check out their stuff, and be healed. These guys oughta be on Late Night!

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