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Led Zeppelin, Denmark 1969

I can't believe this video has been at YouTube since 2009, and I haven't caught it! My bad... So this is easily the best quality, best shot Zep footage I've ever seen. Lots of great close-ups of everyone at their best in 1969. Remember Hendrix is still around, so as you watch Jimmy Page doing his own tricks, realize the timeline significance. And that Tele is killer!!!

Watch all this for good views of bow technique, behind nut bends, Wah stuff, etc. Even the Bonzo shots reveal his drum approach incredibly well. The syncopation interplay between Page & Bonham is cool to watch.

Some of the best filmed music performances from this era seem to come from Denmark. Did they have advanced technology?
Another example for ya (Click Here) is Johnny & Edgar Winter performing Frankenstein in Denmark, in 1970, way before the synth pioneering version released on Edgar's 1972 "They Only Come Out at Night" album. I say "way before" because in the 70's Rock music was changing rapidly in leaps and bounds.

If you listen to a cross section of iconic Rock albums from '70 to '75, you'll hear plenty of change.

Anyway, enough history lesson.

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