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Grosh Retro Classic Mini Black Sparkle - Friday Strat #296

Grosh Retro Classic Metallic Black Strat-type
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Here's a boutique Strat of the week for ya! This pre-owned Don Grosh Retro Classic model is currently listed by a private seller/orig owner in Minnesota who says it's never been outta the non-smoking, climate controlled studio. Grosh work-sheet included indicates Feb. 2012 birthday. Pics show finish and gold hdwr to be clean and wear-free.

The alder body is finished a mini flake metallic black described as "3 dimensional and 2 feet deep". Other features/specs include: 12" radius "medium large/roundback" neck, 6150 SS frets (big!), Grosh 60's pickups, Gotoh 1088 vintage trem/bridge and OHSC. 

Looks like a great deal overall, considering Grosh custom wait times and price points. Do your homework!

And aren't ya glad I didn't run another Fender Relic this week!;))

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