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Fender CS '94 John Page Moto, One-Off -- Friday Strat #294

John Page Green Moto Strat

Fender Custom Shop John Page Moto Strat One-Off

John Page 94 Strat Moto Flame Neck One Off
“This guitar is basically new old stock / mint, as it was bought new by a collector and seldom if at all played.”

Item ID# 251260729052

Here's a sweet listing by a Minnesota based private seller with good Feedback ratings. The guitar is claimed to be a One-Off. Features include AAAA flame neck with a "D" profile. No other specs given other than it's a "Dream Factory era" John Page build.

The back headstock stamp is a V style USA Custom Shop logo. I verified from a few reputable archives images of  '94 Page Strats that the V logo is legit for that year. Not much earlier, the headstock logos were the oval type with no V.

One concern is no mention or photo of a COA. Guitar comes with candy and tweed case. I'm waiting on a response about COA. In '94 they had COA's like the current ones. So check back for more on this. Note: Seller indicates COA was lost by Guitar Center. Refer to following paragraph...

Run the ser# CN401497/config description with Fender Consumer Relations at 1 (800) 856-9801.

Otherwise, this is a rare & special Strat!



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