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Eric Johnson Jazzin' Out in Scotland

Cliffs of... Coltrane?

Currently on a Spring UK tour, here's a fresh clip of EJ at Queen's Hall in Edinburgh, Scotland-- from April 5, 2013.

Rather than donning a kilt and running some pipe riffs for the locals, he pulls out John Coltrane's "Mr. PC".  Of course, this is just one tune, so maybe he does that other stuff too... I wasn't there.

I know that EJ is no stranger to the Jazz thing, but we don't see as much of this. Bassist Chris Maresh is killin' it here, and a fairly young Wayne Salzmann II on drums helps create some space for Eric to stretch out. I've wondered how EJ would do with drummers like Will Kennedy or Rayford Griffin. We've seen some clips of EJ jammin' in NYC with Anton Fig & Will Lee. Creative drummers make a huge difference-- and I can't help but wonder if EJ has required too much structure from them in later albums. Similarly, it will be interesting to hear how the upcoming Satriani album works out with Vinnie Colaiuta on board.

Eric's Spring UK tour schedule also reveals he's not at the 2013 Crossroads Fest lineup (April 12 -13, currently at MSG/NYC).

And speaking of the Crossroads Fest, this year's lineup features ALLAN HOLDSWORTH!!! I read somewhere that he's playing one tune, "Fred". I imagine Clapton and his Crossroads "committee" debating and ruminating over whether or not to invite the extraterrestrial being to the party... along with how long a slot, and where in the schedule. It must have been an intensely cerebral process for all. The fact that an exact tune was announced (months ago), feels like AH went thru a bureaucratic approval pipeline. Wonder if Jeff Beck helped grease the fusion gears on this one.

But maybe it's just my imagination- once again - runnin' away with me...

This is what happens when I see Eric Johnson doing Coltrane, while on my second cup of coffee-- my Friday coffee too, which is different than the java I drink on other days.

Oh, one more thing... does the following statement seem odd to you in any way?

"Eric Johnson, the celebrated American electric guitarist, hailed by Joe Bonamassa as “one of the greatest guitar players of all time,” returns to the UK in 2013..."

To me, the above implies that lots more people know about JB than EJ, and thus, rely on his stamp of approval before checking out some new kid on the block like Eric Johnson. Is it just me, or are you annoyed or at least puzzled by this as well?

Soak it in, kids.


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