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Eric Gales Killin' It In a Clinic

Eric Gales "Raw Dog" guitar featured earlier.

This must be Eric Gales week at Stratoblogster. Really gettin' into the Raw Dawg lately! The above clip is just one of 4-5 videos from a 2012 clinic in Greensboro, NC. Whoever, attended this clinic got their money's worth no matter what they paid. So I urge you click here for the Youtube page with the rest of that gig. It took me all day to decide which vid to feature here cuz they're all badass!

Gales is just jammin' off his head with bassist Orlando Thompson and drummer Nick Hayes. The cues and overall jam-unication is spot-on as Eric takes us on a journey through jazz, blues, rock, country, bluegrass and Indian Raja stuff, pretty much unplanned. And who gets into the zone with this level of virtuosity and animation more than Eric Gales! I'm tellin' ya. It's "Gales Week" here folks!

Whether it's about time, chord voicings, substitutions, unpredictable runs, bending, vibrato technique, whatever... There's something here for anyone looking for fresh energy and inspiration. Way too many people still don't know about Eric Gales.

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