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Cp Thornton HTL Blue Nitro - Friday Strat #293

Cp Thornton Guitars bolt neck design

Cp Thornton Guitars HTL model

Yes, that's a bolt neck! But it extends down for more resonance, also allowing the trem claw to interface at the neck butt. Clever! Maine, USA based cult boutique builder Chuck Thornton has a number of unique innovations up his sleeve.

The HTL model is Thornton's Strat-type offering. This one features Duncan lipstick pickups, blue nitro finish, alder body and hi-end surprises all around.

Other models include hollow & semi-hollow archtops as well as additional solid types. At first glance, the line follows iconic Fender & Gibson profiles. But on further inspection there's plenty of tricky stuff going on. Yet unlike other lines just trying to look different enough to stay out of trouble, many Thornton variations serve technical purposes. Headstocks are always a tough call... Like Gene Baker, Thornton decided to stick with the same 3x3 used with all his models, for the sake of brand continuity. Can't fault him for that.

Guitar Connoisseur Spring 2013 edition serves up a comprehensive interview with Thornton, and includes lots of great photography. Be sure to check it out!



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