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7 String Strat by Dominick Ramos

Dominick Ramos 7 string Strat-type guitar

Ran into this beast searching Shell Pink Strats. Imagine having a 7 string Strat, as opposed to some metal brand 7 out there, and taking it to the local Blues jams-- just being chill about it. How stealth is that! Hell, maybe nobody even notices... except for the bass player feeling slightly haunted.

Also, one might wish to procure a Fender headstock decal for better effect, since the strange name would attract some scrutinizing guitar geek attention. Although I wouldn't know anything about such decals... or such geeks. Just my imagination, once again, runnin' away with me.

Dominick Ramos is an upstate NY based wiz builder whose work we've featured before, listed by eBay seller guitarzoo.com. Not to be confused with Music Zoo in Queens. Different zoo-- different crew, ok. Anyway, these guys seem to be the source for Ramos guitars. Check out the details... pretty arrogant description, but what the hey...

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