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Vintage Fender 1965 Deluxe Reverb - Landau Owned

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LA Vintage Gear often lists mojo gear from serious guitar players. They've listed other Michael Landau stuff, we've featured here. G.A.S. folks! Landau's got it bad, and he wants to pass that gas on to you.

This June '65 Deluxe Reverb is extensively documented and photographed. It's all original, and all the component #'s & dates are provided. People refer to the Blackface Deluxe as "THE Desert Island Amp". Just hope that island has 110 volt ac outlets. I believe Gilligan's Island was set up pretty well, thanks to that Professor dude.

Super clean & collector grade, this Deluxe appears to be a real treasure. Great for any 3 hour gig-- or 3 hour tour. Go check all photos & info while this one lasts, through the link above!

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