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Shawn Lane and the Value of Life

"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." Charles Darwin

photo cred: www.shawn-lane.com

An old favorite, this video came to mind when I recently saw the Darwin quote. Anyone familiar with Shawn Lane's story will appreciate that quality guitar playing time must have meant everything to Shawn.

Before passing away in 2003, Lane struggled for years with an incurable & very debilitating rheumatoid disease; at times rendering him unable to play guitar or even get out of bed. His overweight appearance was the result of all the steroid based meds he had to take just to be comfortable and mobile.

So when Shawn played guitar, he played his ass off! I imagine that during very rough times, he practiced with tremendous focus in his mind to keep sane, similar to Jason Becker. But unlike Becker, Lane's condition would take him away earlier in his life.

I didn't mean to get all buzz kill here, especially on a Friday. Shawn had a remarkable life as an artist in the time he had. We all need to take Darwin's words to heart, and play our asses off too! Have your chops and your health!

Between this video's blurring runs he stretches out with some of the sweetest Hendrix licks!

Click Here for another clip where Shawn dissects Billy Gibbons during a guitar clinic (go to 04:18). Now click here to see him in 1979 at age 17 with Black Oak Arkansas.

All the super fast runs are way beyond me, but the Hendrix & Gibbons stuff is pure gold!

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