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Most Underrated Rock Guitarists?

Doug Rappoport for Example...

Guitarist Rick Derringer 2012 with Doug Rappoport
Doug Rappoport & Rick Derringer -- Photo cred: Joseph C. Tremain Jr.
There are tons more amazing guitar players today than when the icons were paving the way. This is great for listeners, but tough for new era musicians fighting to stand out.

One of my favorites is Doug Rappoport, recently interviewed at Guitar International. And although it's not the same as a Guitar Player cover feature, everything helps. GI's Rick Landers does a pretty good job helping us get to know Doug. One thing not mentioned is that Rappoport is an Open Counceling instructor at MI/GIT; one of very few current faculty who aren't alumni. Basically this means he's exceptional, and should be guesting clinics there. But ya gotta be better known for those kinds of gigs.

Before you check out the interview, here's another interesting scenario today's virtuosos can find themselves in. Due to the flu bug, Doug was unable to attend Winter NAMM 2013; something he hadn't missed in the previous 10 years. Usually, he helps demo gear for ENGL Amps and a few others, which can result in some decent YouTube exposure. This year, ENGL & GJ2 (Grover Jackson Guitars) somehow managed to pull in a guitarist who plays Doug Rappoport runs, only more like in Michael Keaton's "Multiplicity" flick, this guy is like a retarded clone of a clone of a clone. But nonetheless, he arrives out of thin air, getting prime booth video, including Premier Guitar's ENGL visit. And not so much as a nod to Doug from anyone.

By "Doug Rappoport Runs", I mean sections from Doug's solo album BIONIC (check it out), as well as very unique runs lifted right out of Doug's NAMM demos of past years. Now, imitation is flattery, but as Doug says, "I'd at least like to be known for my own licks first!" And THIS is yet another curse of being a great but underrated guitarist. All Rock guitar players, Rapps included, draw from a significant palette of iconic influences. So when you hear someone copping Cliffs of Dover, Hot For Teacher, Riviera Paradise or ANY given Steve Vai lick, most of us know where that comes from. More importantly, the player knows we know-- and in fact, he's probably giving kudos to the source anyway.

So welcome the era of "The Lick Stalker" folks. Oh, and did I mention that Doug's NAMM lick stalker is also a former GIT student... of his? And even Doug's "friends" at ENGL & GJ2 fail to mention or tag him in their clips. Nice.

It's a dog eat dog world I guess. And that's the way it goes. But what I would say to you is, "Get BIONIC!". To Tony the lick stalker, "Get a life!"

And to Doug Rappoport, I say, "Don't ever get the f#*king flu!!!"

Check the interview at Guitar International. They have videos!

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