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James Tyler Guitars Classic Hazmat Shmear

James Tyler Guitars Hazmat Shmear

Seller: Sk8ter-boyz-Guitars-N-Collectibles
(Sketchy name, but cool hi-end inventory & Top-rated)

James Tyler's "Shmear" finishes kind of fit the Easter mood as they remind me of scary egg dying projects that can occur. And calling this one "Hazmat"... well, how can ya criticize something that celebrates toxic waste? Either ya love it or just wanna get away. But it certainly isn't as pretentious calling this "Van Gogh's Vomitorious Visions", and getting too artsy-fartsy, right?... I just made that up.

Yeah, ya either love this blog or hate it too, I know.

Anything to take attention off the Tyler headstock. Besides that and the Hazmat Shmear, this one features Tyler-wound pickups in HSS config, Wilkinson trem, Sperzels and a '59 neck shape. The plush green lined case is an upgrade with crocodile pattern exterior. Is the rug included? You can always ask... I kinda dig it.

BTW, the same seller is also listing a Knaggs Choptank Tier 2. Another inventory item not to be trifled with!

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