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Addams Family Strat - Friday Strat #289

 Pamelina H - Concept Strat

Addams Family Stratocaster by Pamelina H
Addams Family #Stratocaster ©2013 (Pamelina H)
Photoshop design based on the Addams Family tv show.
This Addams Family Strat image was recently posted at Pamelina's Facebook page. The Photoshop design may never occur in 3D, but it probably will eventually, since she's promoting it.

Pamelina H is the artist responsible for many Fender Custom Shop graphic finish guitar concepts. She did the Marilyn Monroe (Playboy Anniversary), Bettie Page, Hendrix Monterey Strat & even the LA Lakers 60th Anniv. As of 2006, when we first featured Pamelina's work, she had painted over 2000 guitars for Fender.

Doesn't Cousin It kinda remind you of Dusty Hill?


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