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USA Made Guitar Straps by Heavy Leather NYC

 Boutique Craft Leather

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Burst Strap for your burst guitar

 Custom Steampunk Straps

Rachael & the crew at Heavy Leather NYC continue to crank out their ultra high quality, fine leather straps, crafted in Brooklyn, NY.

Custom is what they're all about; catering to an ever growing roster of world famous musicians of all genres. These boutique straps have been featured all over the place, including GQ & Cosmopolitan mags. Yes, the craft culture includes guitar straps too-- and Heavy Leather sets a high standard for aesthetics and craftsmanship.

So if a hippie knock off, wimpy sweatshop guitar strap just ain't your style... or philosophy, why not invest in some serious leather by Heavy Leather NYC!

Check 'em out:

Heavy Leather NYC eBay Store
 (listing popular in-stock designs)


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