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Unknown Mortal Orchestra II Released!

My favorite lo-fi, psychedelic, modern garage band just released their 2nd album a few days ago (Feb 5, 2013). Above is the last track, and a great example of the UMO sound, that hasn't changed at all from the debut. So this lo-fi thing is definitely a big part of their brand.

See our earlier post with live vid cut from debut album.

Singer/guitarist Ruban Nielson leads the Portland based power trio, although Nielson himself originally hails from New Zealand. I first discovered UMO in the Summer of 2011-- about the same time I was acquiring a taste for serious West Coast craft IPA, whilst living in Oregon. So subjectively speaking, this music is the sound of extreme fresh hops.

And that's my music/beer pairing suggestion for this weekend. Just like IPA, you'll either hate Unknown Mortal Orchestra or really love 'em. If it turns out the latter, check out all their stuff!


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