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Kotzen at Jason Becker NDY 2013

Here's a fresh upload from the recent "Jason Becker - Not Dead Yet" tribute show at Slim's in San Francisco. Although I dunno who's at the very beginning, I'm really diggin' Richie Kotzen at 08:53. Michael Lee Firkins is just ahead of RK, and Steve Morse is last. So, plenty of YouTube guitar value in this hefty clip!

Kotzen in particular, has some awesome tones, phrasing and chord voicings. Be sure to watch all his stuff here, because there are plenty of surprises! It's a rough vid, but the playing is raw as well as vocals. And believe it or not, the girl singing in RK's 2nd tune is his daughter! I did my research. Haven't ID'd the girl on bass yet though.

Richie is playing his Fender signature Tele. In case you didn't know about these, Fender also makes a Kotzen Artist Strat. The twist, is that Fender Japan makes them-- and they're not intended for USA market.

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Note: Just found out the RK Tele released for USA at Winter NAMM 2013, so watch for Kotzen Artist Tele's

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