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Eric Gales & Ray Goren NAMM Winter 2013

Guitar Connoisseur Feature Film!

As promised earlier, here's the full feature of a great jam at NAMM with Eric Gales and 12 year old Ray Goren, including Gales interview clips. Kudos to the Pentatonic Productions crew for their editing work, and recovering the audio from an environment surrounded by drum outfits (back corner, Hall D).

They talk about the NAMM "Sound Police" making sure guitar and amp booths keep levels in check... Meanwhile, the percussion areas are nuts. I got a ringing ear from a rim shot 20 feet away, just walkin' down an aisle in D. Not slamming drummers here, this is a facilities utilization issue NAMM needs to resolve correctly. Sorry to rant so much, but this event was a perfect example of the negative effect on booths like Premier Builder's Guild, D'Angelico Guitars and many others stuck in that area. Yes, most of NAMM is noisy, and you expect it. But concentrating percussion in one section of a hall, and still interspersing other product booths within that section is stupid.

Ok, I'm done ranting.

Anyway, check out Guitar Connoisseur Magazine's YouTube channel for recent profiles on Martin and Hungary's Fibenare Guitars.

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