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Clapton's Brownie Strat - March 2013

Eric says PAWN shop, not PORN shop, ok.

As the Clapton machine builds up with a new album, tour and 2013 Crossroads Fest in NYC/MSG in April, it's no surprise to see the release of Fender's "Brownie" Tribute Strat next month. The first one was Blackie, this heavily relic'd burst is Brownie, and the new album is called "Old Sock". Makes ya wonder what EC names his pets... Pretty out there, huh.

Anyway, also not surprising is that "Brownie" is a Guitar Center Exclusive, which may have other Custom Shop dealers gnashing their teeth, I reckon. Oh yeah, EC and GC are also running exclusives with Martin and Gibson.

So when is Digitech or Line 6 comin' out with a "Layla-nator Expression System"?

In spite of the official Brownie release, there actually are 2 Brownie tribute listings on eBay right now which may have been short runs prior to the official GC exclusive. One is a Todd Krause MB, in fact. Check the link below...

current eBay- Blackies, Brownies, Artist Series Production

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