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Andy Timmons & Eric Gales NAMM 2013 Winter

Jam at Dunlop Booth

Here's a find! Although Timmons and Gales weren't able to get together at the PBG/Two-Rock jam, they did manage to meet at Dunlop for this amazing session! Again, the NAMM environment is noisy, but this is Hall C, and nothing like Drumfuckville Hall D.

Two of my favorite guitar players really find a mutual place in this jam, and have plenty of fun in the process. And you can tell that they're closer friends now from the experience!

Eric Gales currently has a new project just released with Doug Pinnick (King's X bass) and Thomas Pridgen (Mars Volta-drums). All left handed bros! Tear your head clean off!

Andy Timmons most recent release is his cover of The Beatles, Sgt Peppers album. It's all instrumental, power trio with ZERO overdubs. How the hell does that work? Find it and see!

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