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Winter NAMM 2013 - Teles Killin' It This Year!

Tele Bling! $120K w/diamond accents!

"Cabronita" MB by Yuri Shishkov

Crazy flame maple with a Bigz!

The black one has 3 Wide Rangers
Took these pics at the Fender event on Wednesday nite. Hey, there were great Strats too, but Teles were poppin'! Greg Koch was demoing the '57 Bandmaster tweed RI, for some of the best tone of the entire NAMM show, with a Tele. Although I must confess not catching David Grissom at PRS-- my bad!

Already, I'm experiencing PTNAMMSS Post Traumatic NAMM Stress Syndrome. The symptoms include nightmares of being stuck in Hall E and wanting to smash ukeleles, having an ultimate gear testing opportunity in Hall D in the middle of drumfuck Egypt, so you can't hear yourself think... ummm, what else? Oh, maybe just wanting to dye my hair brown, just brown.

Anyway, it's tough to catch everything without catching something that could be incurable. But I did have a great burger at Clancy's on Harbor Blvd.

Stay tuned for more NAMM related posts and pics as I continue to digest, cleanse and meditate to restore myself.

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