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Trussart Guitars at Winter NAMM '13

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If Trussart makes you think of the old watering can in Mr. McGregor's garden, where Peter Rabbit hides, disguised as Rev. Billy G.-- well, it's time to catch up a bit!

Although the common denominator of all James Trussart instruments is a surplus of metal content, the ever expanding line features a full range of finish themes from trashed all metal, to exotic engraved brass on wood and nearly all points in between-- as long as metals are presented copiously.

The top photo shows a stunning reverse J-type of wood, topped with brass that's engraved with roses. Below it is an old favorite S-type we've featured before, also incorporating the rose theme in steel on white finished wood. They've rubbed red paint off the raised areas on top. A similar model rubs green paint off a raised cannabis leaf pattern top; medicinal of course. Something for everyone, folks.

Trussart also does resonator guitars. So catch up with 'em at:

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