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Suhr Boycotts Winter NAMM 2013?

 Yes Suhr, I don't mean maybe...

After going thru all the NAMM-formation materials last week; searching in vain for the Suhr booth location, I finally discovered they were doing their own trade show at Suhr HQ. In fact, we even ran into a guy with a big Suhr sign on Convention Way who was providing shuttle service from NAMM to Lake Elsinore.

Reason given had to do with expense vs ROI. And hell, maybe they were gonna be stuck in Hall D surrounded by 20 drum outfits. I really felt bad for Premier Builders Guild, Perri Ink and others bearing under the constant din for 4 days. Walking out of "D" was always a huge relief. Or maybe they didn't wanna pay the enormous Convention Center wifi rates on top of booth charges. And how 'bout parking?

So anyhow, know that Suhr Guitars is alive and well, and that I'm just personally sore about missing a chance to see Scott Henderson in real life... Shoulda took the shuttle.

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