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LSL Guitars at Winter NAMM 2013

Best US Built Boutique Value Guitar!

Trying out the Carl Verheyen model! Me likey!

Company Founder Lance Lerman
So I ask Lance why he doesn't stamp or engrave those female names into the neck plates instead of using stickers (LSL's ser# alternative). Lance instantly responds with, "Ya ever been divorced?"

Perhaps the best value USA, boutique S & T-type guitars out there are those built by Southern California based LSL Instruments. They make their own necks by hand with vintage style rounded edge fretboards, and even wind their own pickups. And yes, they do a signature model for session master/Strat geek Carl Verheyen, which alone says plenty about the quality of LSL!

Coolest of all-- they somehow manage to keep these guitars well under $3k street, even the Carl V. models! In fact, LSL's top off close to where Fender CS prices begin these days. So if you're on the boutique hunt, with boutique $$$, but thought LSL's price points weren't high enough for a truly exotic playing instrument, well think again! Go read the forums. People love LSL's. For the price of a DeTemple, you could buy 3 of 'em, and dig 'em to death too! Some gear industry veterans are saying LSL might sell more if they'd just raise their price points.

Now's a great time to invest in LSL guitars.

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