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Going to NAMM!!!

Thanks to some special folks I work with, I'll be attending Winter NAMM 2013 next week in Anaheim!

Formally, I'll be representing Guitar Connoisseur magazine badge-wise, but also look forward to hooking up with old friends from my long time Stratoblogster network. It's gonna be a challenge to stay focused and make the most of the event!

One Friday at 3:00, we've put together a little jam with Eric Gales and Doug Rappoport at the Two-Rock Amps space (#2882-2883). Gales endorses Two-Rock, and both guitarists will be playing guitars from Magneto Guitars. Should be fun, as these are monster players!

Otherwise, I plan to float and try to catch up with as many long time, online acquaintances as possible. We'll be heading home Saturday, not staying thru Sunday.

Gimme a shout at Stratoblogster FB page if you're at the show, and wanna say hi.

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