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Focus: Guitar Builders at Winter NAMM 2013

Lipe Guitars & Vane Guitars

Got to meet Mike Lipe and check out his beautiful custom craft guitar line. Since the 70's, Mike as worked throughout the guitar industry in the Los Angeles area for various dealers as well as Ibanez' West Coast Custom Shop and helping Yamaha with their Pacifica line. Now he makes guitars with his name on the headstock! Super nice guy! Check 'em at:

Had fun talking with Gil Vasquez, creator of the brand new Vane Guitars (1/30/13 site still under construction) line, which is part of TonePros. Gil is another Southern California guitar industry veteran, having worked as Production Mgr with US Music Corp's Parker line, as well as a PM with Premier Builder's Guild.  Gil is currently PM at TonePros while launching elegant, but sportin' Vane Guitars, which also feature a brand new line of pickups from Pacific NW based Vault. If you've talked to TonePros about hardware applications, you've probably spoken to Gil!

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