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Fender CS Strats at Winter NAMM 2013

Here are a couple Strat shots from the Fender party on Wednesday nite.

The cards in the necks, placed there by interested FCS dealers, are part of a drawing process. I dunno how it all works ok, but we're talkin' some hi-end, one-off Masterbuild stuff! Obviously, the one pictured 2nd from the top was a favorite. Fender's enormous NAMM space also included the Gretsch, Guild, Jackson and EVH lines. The historical displays were my favorite part. And like I said in an earlier post, the Teles were killin' this year, and really caught my attention over Strats.

One curiosity, was a wall of Custom Shop Mustang guitars. Sorry no pics, but you know what Mustangs look like. No bling, just solid finish Mustangs, but from CS. Some folks were scratching their heads over how much interest there might/might not be in these...

On the other hand, check out these exotic specimens...

That's right! Bound body, Thinline J-types! One even has a Bigz!

(Watch FCS dealers for upcoming NAMM Show Specials)

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