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Dumble Overdrive Special - Auction!

Houston based listing...

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled NAMM review coverage to bring you this DUMBLE listing alert! That's right, we don't see this very often folks.

Said collector purchased this in 2003 from a "Grammy winning guitarist and producer". The listing is an auction, and includes lots of photos and a huge description, story, novelette of epic proportion, which I've saved and pasted over for millions to read below, years after this auction ends, as long as this blog exists. Those who like to read on the throne with their iPad or other devices should enjoy the story of this amp throughout multiple rolls of their favorite 4-ply products.

And whoever actually wins this auction will never have to wipe their own tush again, because this amp does it for you. That's how good a Dumble is! It's just lookin' for some tush to wipe.

I'm simply excited that the footswitch is with it, cuz you know what a deal breaker the infamous lost footswitch can be. Especially with something like this. Literally tens of thousands of dollars in depreciation could result. And who knows, maybe the Dumbvinci Code itself could exist in the footswitch, without which could result in the amp itself having no more magic than a Bugera Scratch 'n Ding, Musician's Friend Stoopid Dealio of the Day Special. And who wants that? Let's just hope that footswitch is the original!

 Anyway, read all about it...

"Dumble OverDrive Special 100 watt and EV-12L 4x12 Cab

Here is my mint condition Dumble OverDrive Special 100watt amp with Skyliner EQ. It’s a half stack with a 4x12 ported cab that I had custom made for the amp.  I have never seen another Dumble EV-12L type 4x12 half stack.  What an amazingly brilliant and awe-inspiring set up!  Hammer of the Gods, indeed!

I purchased the Dumble ODS, with its precision power section and the Skyliner EQ voiced overdrive section (and its footswitch for both Boost and Overdrive), from a Grammy award winning guitarist and music producer in 2003.  It has been one of the centerpieces of my collection ever since.  It has never required any service during that time.  The guitarist and producer I bought it from told me always kept it in his spoke free studio, and it has never left the confines of my smoke free studio.  It still has the JJ/Tesla EL-34 tubes that the manufacturer recommends are best suited for the amp.  I am not an audio engineer or amp tech, but I am a life long vintage gear collector, serious player and unapologetic tone chaser.  So, permit me to enthusiastically share some of my thoughts about my experience with this Dumble and EV-12 cab set up.  The way this amp was designed is genius, and so is the man that made it.  This is the real deal.  The clones don’t match up.  Imitations and clones are just not the same, trust me.  This was built in the 1990s and during the time in which Dumble is thought to have built his best amps.  I always felt that this Skyliner EQ was the best design of Dumble amp, for me atleast, given that fact that I like modern high gain sounds as well as the Fender-ish and boutique clean and crunch tones that this Dumble does so well.  To me, it’s better than any blackface or tweed Fender, Marshall or Hiwatt I own.  The Dumble EV-12L set-up, if set right, gets as Voxey as any of my ‘60s vintage Vox, and it is higher fidelity and dead quiet without the heat, hum, and unpredictability of a vintage Vox.  It does a strong Vox jangle with all of the harmonic content you would want.  Although the circuitry bears no resemblance to a Marshall (or Vox for that matter), it does do the Marshall thing in superior fashion, and even gets dark metal voicing with amazing clarity.  Yeah I know, you wouldn’t think that from a Dumble, but the ODS with EV-12 combination can do a dark ultra high-end clarity to rival any.  Drop D sounds great.  This is a rare EL-34 based Dumble ODS 100 guitar amp (most were 6L6 tube models) and was more versatile for me than some other Dumble amps that I had a chance at over the years.  And it’s a blast exploring all that it can do.  After you take delivery, I will send you some lengthy emails of operational tips some Dumble ODS owners shared with me and which also served to confirm my observations and experiences with the amp.  Serial No. 213.  As I said, this particular amp was made in the mid-1990s.  All original, and in the same pristine condition it came to me in.  The amp head comes with the foam lined flight case that came with it.  It also comes with its original two button Dumble made footswitch to control the wonderful, proprietary and unique channel switching system in this amp head.  The footswitch has a fairly long and substantial 5-pin cable in a circular configuration that plugs into the back of the amp, and has enough length to keep the Dumble with your effects rack, or anywhere on or off stage you want it.

I had the 4x12 cab custom built for it and loaded with EV-12L speakers: I looked long and hard for the very best condition late ’80 or early ‘90s Electro Voice EV-12L speakers that I could find, so that the speakers were already broken in for the best sound immediately after cabinet construction.  Every time I found a super clean pair of EV speakers, I bought them and put them back for use in cabs I had planned. 

This 4x12 EV-12L cab is fantastic, and is far stronger than any 4x12 vintage cab I own.  Because the magnets are so big and powerful (an EV-12L weighs about 20 lbs.), even low-level amp signal is bright and crisp with great clarity, responsiveness and touch sensitivity.

The EV-12L 4x12 cab is one of the most amazing tone discoveries I have ever had.  I wanted to have the very best 4x12 EV-12L cab that could possibly be made, with the best bass response to handle 800-1,000 watts of EV12 speakers.  I purchased and fitted with the very tasty and excellent condition EV-12L 8 ohm like those used in several of the Dumble made 1x12 and 2x12 rear ported cabinets.  A lot of Dumble owners famously use (Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, etc.) rear ported EV-12L cabs (sometimes called “Thiele cabs”), and I read a lot about Thiele parameter specifications for ported cabs.  Because I play a lot of rock (as well as other styles), and after getting a very basic understanding of what Thiele specs were about, I decided I wanted the 4x12 EV-12 cab to be ported to the front with four (4) evenly distributed ports.  In designing a 30x30x14 quad cab, we consulted the Electro-Voice TL806Q construction plans and specifications for EV-12L “quad array” 4x12 ported speaker enclosures.  Electro-Voice Company has the literature and research in their online archives.  I was encouraged, prior to the build, that the planned dimensions of a 30x30x14 ported cab closely approximated the TL806Q cabinet volumetric area, port area, and weight to that of the enclosure that Electrovoice recommended for a quad array.  Actually this 4x12 has a little bit more port area than that of the Electrovoice TL806Q specs for quad cabs, and this is afforded by the 4 (four) 4-inch ports for optimal low frequency response.  (BTW, not only were Marshall cabs not ported, nor the best cosmetic design for the Dumble, but a Marshall cab didn’t seem sturdy enough with its particle board and also didn’t weigh near enough for EV’s TL806Q 4x12 quad array specs which called for 140 lbs enclosure.  I don’t know if this EV-12L quad cab weighs that much, but it would not surprise me.  It is heavy, and it has some major thump.  I ordered my customized cab from Byron Amplification, who seemed to be the best company that would give me what I was looking for.  Byron patiently worked with me on every specification, and I cannot say enough about him or the cab. At my request, he acquired the grill cloth from Two Rock, something he had never done before.  Below are important portions of quotations from Byron Amplification’s own description of the 4x12 design he used, which is a take off of the coveted and impossibly rare 1970’s BiaCrown era Hiwatt cabinets (which are ported and a little deeper than a Marshall cab). Here is how Byron describes his cab (also check out Byron’s stock photo of 4 port design):
“My name is Byron and just like you, I'm a guitarist and a working musician.  I've been building guitars, amps, and pedals for years for my friends and now my company is ready for you to experience my brand of great tone.  My main gigging 4x12 cabinet for the last 10 years has been a great old Hiwatt from the late 70's with a ported baffle.  I've tried many different speakers in it over the years, and it always brings out the best in them.  The ported baffle gives it a low-end response that always turns the heads of other guitarists and has them asking me questions.  Now you can get this great tone!“ 
“Byron Amplification (formerly at the time, but you can find him on Facebook) brings you a brand new, hand crafted, custom made guitar cabinet.  We make these with pride in the USA for working musicians everywhere.  These are beautiful, heavy-duty cabs constructed for hard use and make-your-buddies-jealous tone.” 
“The Byron Amps 4x12 is based on a rare late 70's British design. Those who own a cab like this know that it has a commanding, powerful tone. The ports on the baffle dramatically improve bass response and the overall dispersion of the cab…, this cab sounds big and bold.”
·                     Custom made for you one at a time
·                     30"x30"x14" Dimensions
·                     3/4" 13-ply Baltic Birch throughout (including the baffle and back      panel, not 1/2" like so many others) just like the best vintage cabs
·                     No MDF in our cabinets!
·                     Metal handles for strength
·                     Large rubber feet
·                     Four port holes in the baffle (like a vintage Hiwatt) for superior low end response
·                     Finger jointed corners for strength and rigidity
·                     Parallel Switchcraft jacks for daisy-chaining
·                     T-nuts and bolts installed for you to mount your speakers
·                     Heavy gauge wire and spade connectors included 
“These cabs are excellent sounding and an excellent value.  Perfect for any style of music where a 4x12 cab would be appropriate.”
“This cabinet is part of our line of British-style amplifiers and cabs, and therefore made in the Byron Amps style.  If you look closely, this is not an exact cosmetic copy of a Hiwatt cab.  We do not currently do cosmetic reproductions of other brands. . . . your cab may differ depending on your choices.”
“What our customers are saying about our cabs:”
"Byron was totally responsive, took my input on what I was looking for, made great recommendations down to every last detail (speakers, baffle, wiring, tolex, grill covers, handles, etc.). He listened to what I was going for tonewise, the type of music I play, etc. . . . He and his team met my build time and shipped the cab impeccably protected. I just got it and tested it and it totally kills. It surpassed all my expectations!" --Mike from Florida”
"Such a great looking and solidly built cabinet!! The cab is great! A bit heavier than my Avatar cab, but worth it for the great low end response that thing carries! " --Justin from Missouri”
Many folks, just like me, had speculated what a 4x12 EV-12L cabinet would be like.  I am here to tell you its crazy good, and that is why I included so much verbiage about the 4x12 ported cab above.  It’s a wonderful foray into tone with the EV-12 speakers.  There is not another guitar speaker anything like the Electrovoice EV-12, certainly no other 12 inch speaker as powerful, nor as pristine sounding.  The 4x12 cab has a pair of rare red labeled EV-12Ls (tasty!) and a pair of EV-12S speakers.  My research and my asking many pros led me to conclude there was no perceivable difference, and you cannot hear any perceivable difference between an EV-12L and EV12S.  The Electrovoice laboratory test graphs and EV technical sheets I bored myself with for days looked almost identical.  I would have to say the only difference is EV-12L says 200 watts on back, and EV-12S says 300 watts, both 8 ohms of course.  One thing for sure is this is the coolest, loudest, strongest and heaviest 4x12 cab I have ever seen.  1,000 watts rating at that.  It makes this Dumble set up the most commanding Dumble rig I have ever seen.  The cab deserves to be paired with this legendary amp head.  The head with the 4x12 sounds wonderous even at bedroom level with a Les Paul or Strat straight in. So, don’t think this rig is too much for your home studio.  Whether for rock, blues, jazz, metal, prog rock.  I love the EL-34 based Dumbles the best, and I have heard most every model that was made.  I haven’t heard a bad sound out of this one yet.  The Dumble tonestack is something you can explore for hours with the panel knobs settings. The Dumble Overdrive channel is very fat, harmonic, responsive, touch sensitive, and controllable.  Dumble owners love to play Les Pauls and Strats straight ahead with no effects as they are not needed; or with few effects, the Dumble does take effects and pedals very well.  Some of my favorite effects I have used with it include:  an old vintage TC 2290 delay, a TC1210 Spatial Expander, a Lexicon Delay or simply just any high end Drive pedal (Klon Centaur, OCD, 1965 Big Muff, etc.), all with great results.  But, I also love playing thru an AxeFX Ultra into this baby.  Sometimes I would run the Axe FX Ultra in stereo thru the Dumble stack on one side and a 1968 plexi Marshall stack on the other side.  Sweeeeet!  It’s just phenomenal no matter what you put it with.  OK, I’ll stop now.  It’s just hard to contain the excitement about the extreme versatility of this Dumble ODS 100w half stack.  The purchaser is going to be very happy.  They may, in fact, consider selling every other amp in their collection after receiving this one.  I considered it.  And, in fact I will be offering some vintage Marshall, Vox, Trainwreck, Selmer amps and a few guitars and effects soon.  So, look at my other auctions, or contact me if you have a need for a particular piece.

If you know anything about EV-12Ls, then you know they are heavy.  One person can move it, but why risk any scratches or scuff marks.  I read that Zack Wylde discovered EV-12Ls while on tour in Europe and immediately changed out his Celestions for the EV-12Ls years ago.  His roadies definitely noticed the weight difference, heh heh. I saw a Dumble ODS 150watt head (only) on auction reach $75K+ a few years ago before somebody snagged it.  There was a Dumble ODS 100w auction late last year for $85,000, but the listing ended and the Dumble sold quickly.  I have seen 1x12 and 2x12 EV-12L cabs before.  I have never seen a Dumble 4x12 half stack!  The Dumble with a quad array of EV-12 speakers is worth it.

This amp has a known history.  All Sales are Final, no returns.  Sold "as-is" and it is amazing. This auction is for preferably for U.S. bidders only who pay by cash, cashiers check or wire transfer.  Good clean funds must be received before shipping.  No Paypal.  Shipping will be a lot.  But, this rig deserves and will receive the very best treatment, and first class professional packing and shipping. Buyer pays actual shipping and an upfront estimate of any customs fees or duties. Pay no attention to Ebay shipping calculator, I will have to give you the shipping price and proof.  If you are not in the U.S. you must email me for permission to bid or risk me canceling your bid.  Overseas bidders are generally not encouraged, but will be considered on a cases by case basis and allowed only if such overseas bidder contacts me for permission to bid before you bid, and the overseas bidder agrees to whatever shipping terms deemed advisable to protect myself in the transaction.  No exceptions to these requirements.  It is such a hassle shipping cabs overseas, that’s why I prefer to sell to U.S. buyers.  But, I will atleast entertain the idea the idea of overseas bidders if you contact me and we speak, and I give the overseas bidders permission to bid.  It is very difficult sending a 4x12 cab to some out of the way countries with varied couriers, customs issues, and vastly increased shipping bills over double the courier’s original shipping estimate to me.  It would seem the only way to protect me from a shipping loss on an overseas heavy shipment would be an adequate deposit of funds with me until arrival of final shipping bill, or it might be even better to use the shipping account number of the overseas buyer, if I agree to sell and ship overseas to your country.  Please do not buy if you do not intend to make immediate arrangements to pay within 24 hours by cash, cashier's check or wire transfer.  If you buy, e-mail to confirm you understand the terms.  If you ask me any questions, please include your full name, address and complete telephone number and country code for me to respond.  If you do, then I will get in contact with you.   Prompt communications and responses please.  These photos are proprietary and shall not be taken and used, published, republished or otherwise misappropriated by anyone for any reason without my express written consent.  Thanks for looking, all the best to you."

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