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Strat-o-Sister Aleks Sever

"Danger Girl" Guitarist

image: www.daddario.com

Ok, so she mainly plays Teles. But Aleks Sever makes our Strat-o-Sister Directory regardless! Born in Croatia and raised in Germany, Aleks is getting known internationally for her guitar work. Her latest release is "Danger Girl".

Although she's clearly & heavily influenced by Robben Ford, she doesn't mention him in the above clip or on her site bio. She does cite SRV, Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Prince. Either Ford slipped her mind or it's one of those quantum physics things where two beings share the same trans-dimensional zone and yet remain unaware of one another... Yeah, that must be it.

But not to belabor that point, because the girl has great, tasteful phrasing, chops and tone. And she's out there doin' this, with a serious band too! So go to her website and discover more about Aleks Sever!


Thanks to Laurie Monk at Truth In Shredding!

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