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Guitar Connoisseur - "Perfect Pair Issue"

Tommy Emmanuel, Gamble Guitars, Wild Customs, Thomas Guitars, TAO Guitars by John & Serge...

 Columns by Doug Rappoport & Rod DeGeorge

Guitar Connoisseur's Winter issue (online, quarterly) hit the web on Christmas. Features include profile/interviews with 4 Euro guitar builders, a couple player columns and a great interview with Tommy Emmanuel!

Gc is your window on the world of boutique guitar builders, with tons of high quality photography, including an interview by yours truly with Belgium's TAO Guitars by John & Serge.

Also know that Gc is free, and requires no registration. AND there are no annoying, spammy pop-up ads. The online magazine is a labor of love created by a small handful of guitar geeks, myself included. The ads we do have are beautifully presented, and help to cover the costs and time required to put things together.

So, bookmark to your favorites, and refer to the handy "Quick Start" guide on the home page.

This is only issue #3. Back issue links are located on the last page. And remember to like us at Facebook!

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