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Fender MIJ NOS '67 RI Strats (1993)

Fender NOS MIJ 1993 67 RI Strat
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3 "unplayed" NOS Strats

Portland, Oregon based Nick's Guitar Emporium currently lists 3 NOS "unplayed" 1993 MIJ '67 RI Strats, including a burst lefty that's set up righty/Hendrix style. The standard models are one Oly White and a Burst, as pictured above.

These guitars are from the Fujigen plant where the best MIJ Fenders of the 80's-90's where made. Cases and all orig. candy included. These have been stashed away for 19 years by Nick's, who also lists some other nice boutique guitars. Go check 'em!

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