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Fender Japan "Thinline" Strats

(Strat/Hollow/3 single coils)
Semi-hollow Strat with neck/body binding, rectangular inlays and fat headstock! Current production by Fender Japan.

Seriously folks! Is this badass or what!

A cool thing about eBay is the availability of new MIJ Fender product, which isn't for "normal" USA distribution. Nonetheless, some of these Japanese dealers have been shipping to US customers for a few years, so they gotta be legit. FMIC just doesn't prefer to make this stuff available thru the standard American channels. Unfortunate for US dealers, since Fender Japan makes some cool configs. And these have a great reputation for fit, finish & setup. 

JapanSyndrome currently lists the Strat pictured above, as well as other semi-hollow Strats with different finishes and pickup configs. Apparently, Fender USA doesn't think it's market want's semi-hollow Strats. However, just a glance at G&L's line gives an opposite perspective. And looks like Japan is on top of it! 

Jo's Music Shop is another good Fender Japan seller with a very interesting selection, i.e. the Ritchie Kotzen signature guitars that aren't even listed with Fender USA's Artist Series instruments.

Both sellers provide plenty of info about products and shipping details. In many cases you still come out ahead over a comparable USA item.

Now ya know.

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