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DiMarzio Transition "Organic" Pickups

Steve Lukather's New Signature Pickups

Luke says "organic" a few times in describing his new pickups from DiMarzio. And although it's not like he's plugging directly into a Deluxe to reveal their actual transparency-- he wouldn't normally play that way anyway. So ya just gotta dig the relativity of things. Word has it, he's pared the chain down quite a bit.

Earlier in the year when Luke was touring with G3, we learned that his latest Music Man LIII guitar upgrade was shedding Steve's mainstay EMG active pickups in favor of regular old passive ones. And now we know what they is! He also switched from his trademark Rivera Knucklehead amps to Bogner stuff-- and quit drinkin' too. So the word "Transition" is fitting as the pickup product name as well as Luke's upcoming album title. Any questions?

DiMarzio is on a roll, also recently releasing the Steve Vai "Gravity Storm" pickups which probably aren't "organic", and in fact may be genetically modified. But hey, we're not talkin' vegetables here anyway, so whatever it takes to have a good time-- let's get on with it, just so long as it doesn't cause a murder. Pass those pickups over here!

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