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63 Vintage "Mojo" Strat - Friday Strat #283

Fender vintage 63 strat
"Standin' on Shakey Ground"

Although the term "Mojo" is WAY overused, when it comes to a workhorse player's guitar with lots of years, lots of miles and stories to tell, this '63 Strat has earned the mojo moniker more than many!

Currently listed by Nashville based Music-City-Pickers-Online and cared for by top luthier Joe Glaser, this Strat is- first of all- anything but stock, ok. It's been refinished, undoubtedly refretted, Strap locked and outfitted with Sperzels, Schecter bridge and a Van Zandt neck coil. The neck butt is stamped "2 Mar 63B", and it reportedly plays incredibly well. So you're lookin' at old bones and road wars here folks. And a road case that may require thorough delousing.

But it probably echos just sitting in the corner... It would take a Vulcan mind meld to install this much mojo into a new FCS Relic... A dirty Vulcan at that, Mr. Spunk!

So, go check the listing while you can for details and more pics. They even have a YouTube clip of this guitar on stage with Delbert McClinton, possibly the world's greatest male caucasian Blues singer. What's not to like!



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