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Suhr Guitar of the Week Contest

Enter every week for a July 2013 Grand Prize Guitar Giveaway!

Suhr Guitars Standard Carve top Trans Amber
Standard Carve Top, Trans amber - photo credit: www.suhr.com

Each week, you can enter to win a Suhr guitar to be awarded on July 1, 2013. Click Here for the entry page where they feature 4 new guitars each week, from which you choose your favorite of that week. The guitar you get, if you win, is up to your preferences, and just needs to be within a price point limit per the contest rules (not too skimpy either). Otherwise, you'll get to order a model/config/finish you like (basses included!). So don't worry about being limited to one of your weekly picks. 

The 4 picks/week entry process is probably survey data to enlighten Suhr on what people like these days. 

This contest has actually been running since July 2012, and they're drawing each week for weekly Suhr t-shirt giveaways and monthly pedal giveaways. So just click on the link above-- entering is very easy! 

New & Pre-owned

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